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Madge's Opinions

Subject: Trust in Politicians

Those who speak of gods or kings have little reasoning and are not to be trusted.

Subject: Migrants detected crossing the English Channel in small boats

  • 2018 = 299
  • 2019 = 1,843
  • 2020 = 8,466
  • 2021 = 28,526
  • 2022 = 45,755
  • 2023 = 28,136 (end Nov)

The majority of these are given refugee status or discretionary leave.
Discretionary leave to remain is a type of immigration permission that is given to certain immigrants who cannot be processed under existing UK immigration rules.

Many have been denied refugee status, yet there is a lack of clarity regarding the manner or location of their return to their country of origin.

Subject: Is Reform UK ready to be the third force in UK politics?

Elections are not usually won on political policies, not that politicians understand that. The like or dislike or performance of the two main party leaders is more likely. However, in light of the present government's inability to solve the problems of the NHS, immigration and the cost of living, there is little confidence that the Labour Party could solve them either. Enter right, Reform UK. I see little problem with Reform UK taking some votes from disgruntled Tories, but they need to convince Labour voters their radicle approach will really benefit the people of Britain to break the mould of two party politics.

Subject: Israel Hamas War

I find it difficult to take sides on this issue - this is not a movie or computer game that has good guys and bad guys. Neither Hamas nor Israel can claim to be the "good guys" or have "God on their side".