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Subject: Migrants detected crossing the English Channel in small boats - Dated: 18th Dec 2023

  • 2018 = 299
  • 2019 = 1,843
  • 2020 = 8,466
  • 2021 = 28,526
  • 2022 = 45,755
  • 2023 = 28,136 (end Nov)

The majority of these are given refugee status or discretionary leave.
Discretionary leave to remain is a type of immigration permission that is given to certain immigrants who cannot be processed under existing UK immigration rules.

Many have been denied refugee status, yet there is a lack of clarity regarding the manner or location of their return to their country of origin.

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Over 100,000, mostly young men - where are they now? I'm guesing, but I expect a large minority of them are unacountable.

David Rae - 01-Jan-2024