Second Best?

Dec 28 2019

Over the holiday Gavin & Stacey appears to have been the most popular programme on BBC. There were so many comments on how brilliant it was.

Before the holidays we had a landslide of an election for the Tories. There were so many comments on how brilliant it was.

That doesn't say that either won their accolades because they were the best option but that there was nothing better on the telly or no-one else worthy of your vote.

Are we now in the habit of accepting second best?

Bo Jo - Strategist?

Dec 14 2019

The election provided astonishing results, and it was so entertaining listening to comments as to why we had such a landslide. 

Jeremy Corbyn had been digging his own grave for months, and it was always unlikely that Labour would gain a majority, especially as Nicola Sturgeon was about to use her 'sgian-dubh' on the last few old Labourites in Scotland. 

Usually, in such circumstances, you would expect the LibDems to mop up Labour voters, and indeed they increased their share of the vote. However, up jumps Akela Jo Swinson, dibbing and dobbing as though we were all twelve-year-olds.

Although popular around the country, Nigel was never serious from the moment he called his new baby the "Brexit Party". Who really would vote for a party with no other strings to their bow.

So good call Boris - perfect timing.

Balancing the economy - who's qualified

Dec 11 2019

The big barrel of money we call our economy, and the same barrel the government find their crafty ways to tax, has tubes that feed and drain the contents. Ideally, you'd like the feed tubes to contribute more to the economy than the drain tubes take away - this helps us service our debts and save for a rainy day. Getting the balance right is the job of the resident government.

Somewhere along the line, we got this wrong and amassed a national debt close to £2 trillion in keeping the barrel topped up. 

Keeping it topped up now means we need more inward Investment, tourism, earnings from exports of goods,  financial and other services, not borrowing.

However, we need to fix the leaks in the barrel first. Leaks?  

  • Our annual nett payment to the EU that provides negative trade.
  • Our balance of payments
  • Our insatiable appetite for foreign motorcars and Chinese goods we don't need.
  • The billions we spend on Foreign Aid
  • The even more billions we spend on holidays overseas
  • Government procurement that favours international companies rather than homegrown.
  • The sale of British Hitech companies (our future) to foreign buyers.

Tough job - who's qualified?

When will the people get a voice?

Dec 09 2019

It hasn't been a good run-up to the election. 

The political parties have no concern for the low quality of their bullshit. 

There has been little analysis of Boris's deal, and what changes to the business environment there will be after three years of uncertainty.

Labour is asking their supporters to forget their schooling and learn a new system of maths where two sides of an equation are the opposite of each other. 

The media are forcing a focus on the two-party system and repeating their questionable rhetoric as if it were dependable. Is this a conscience bias, incompetence or just plain laziness.

I guess we will have to suffer five more years of political slush.

Election: Who do I vote for?

Dec 02 2019

I'm guessing, but I believe that the political parties think they have superior brains to other sectors of society. Or are they targeting their untrustworthy rhetoric at the small minority of floating voters that will believe everything they hear in the hope this will be enough to gain power? The latest round of election TV debates has done nothing to convince me that the policymakers have any brains at all.

Are we to believe that providing (borrowing) more money for public services will improve our quality of life. Will, none of our politicians, realise we have lost the ability to be efficient.  Simple examples of inefficiency pop up every day - for example, the two letters sent to this house confirming the winter fuel allowance. Give a ministry a budget, and they will find some way to spend it inefficiently.

Europe has done nothing for the British economy over 40 years - slowly sucking the wealth out of our country.  Nearly every family in our home countries is guilty of transferring our wealth to Europe. Much of our transport services and utilities are European owned.  Over 90% of the cars and vehicles on our roads are European, and we take millions of visits to Europe on holidays costing over £40 Billion. 

It's time our politicians started to improve the environment for wealth creation that will, in turn, allow us to continue with our luxurious lives.

Election - Leaders Debate

Nov 20 2019

We should expect more of our politicians than this.

Their job is to "manage" our country efficiently and improve our quality of life.

We are all fed up of sound bites and "gotchas"  - where are the detailed plans for our economy & public services. 

Fact-checking: Much of the information we need to assess our economy and public services is available to the public online. Do these politicians not realise this?

Ducking questions and this constant attempt at "gotcha" does nothing to enlighten the public, particularly where Brexit is concerned. 

It seems to me, the condition called "mythomania" is spreading (or more likely increasingly diagnosed) amongst our political masters and our "Royals".

Shape up guys or the court of public opinion will destroy you.