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Aunty Madge is a regular commentator on national and political issues, allowing the public to comment freely.

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Subject: Islamophobia in the UK

Category: UK National Issues

I believe in my inherent right to form my preferences and opinions regarding anything and anyone. It's important to clarify that having reservations about Islam, or any religion for that matter, isn't inherently criminal in UK law. Muslims in the UK need to acknowledge that certain aspects of their faith and culture may differ from traditional British norms. Criticising or attempting to dictate my thoughts is unjust and disrespectful to the principles of individual autonomy and free expression.


Subject: The quality of our parliamentary candidates

Category: Politics

It's time to examine parliamentary hopefuls with greater scrutiny, given the recent controversy surrounding Labour's Azhar Ali.

Given the substantial number of candidates hoping for selection in parliamentary elections, there is likely an element of corruption or cronyism, resulting in a diversity of 'bad eggs'. Candidates need no qualifications or experience to stand, and you would at least expect the major political parties to 'filter out' those without the aptitude or ability.  Read the full article.


Subject: Pay more attention to balance of trade

Category: UK National Issues

The balance of payments is a record of a country’s economic transactions with the rest of the world. It comprises the current account, capital account, and financial account. The current account includes trade in goods and services, while the capital and financial accounts track capital flows.

A positive balance of trade occurs when a country exports more goods and services than it imports. For Britain, this implies that it is selling more abroad, leading to a surplus. This surplus contributes to a positive current account balance, bolstering the overall balance of payments.

Benefits of a positive balance of trade for Britain include increased foreign exchange reserves, which can stabilize the currency, lower interest rates, and foster economic growth. It also indicates international competitiveness and can enhance the nation’s economic stability.

Spending less on foreign holidays and cars and buying British helps the balance of trade.