Boris - Six Months On

Jun 02 2022

Six months ago I called for Boris to resign. 

Nothing has changed and now I'm calling for him to be removed.

Since that time he has achieved absolutely nothing - his claim to fame is the vaccine rollout and the support for Ukraine.

  • He can hardly take credit for the vaccine,  Science has moved on and the sequencing of a virus's DNA allows for much quicker development of vaccines. 
  • As one of Europe's largest exporters of defence equipment, giving support for the war in Ukraine is hardly a difficult decision.

Apart from his constant lying or manipulation of statistics, It's what he has not done that is important for me.

  • Immigration - levels are higher now than when we were in the EU
  • Brexit - Theresa May started on the wrong foot - Boris should have started from scratch and in a position of strength. We've seen the results of the Brexit agreement - I need to say more
  • Levelling up - the cost of COVID is the most likely reason for delaying investment.
  • Human Rights:  Six years on we still have to answer to the European Court
  • That's enough to make the point

Channel Immigration

Dec 18 2021

People traffickers are charging up to £10,000 to bring immigrants to the UK. 

  • We must ask who is funding these people?
  • The Russians or Chinese?
  • ISIS or a middle eastern state?
  • Is it possible they are Islamic "soldiers" entering Britain to wage war?

Whatever the answers to these questions, this form of immigration must stop until we know the answers.

Boris to go

Dec 08 2021

Boris was handed the PMs job on a plate.

Many new MPs were grateful, but now realise that the man that opened the door for them is bolting that same door.

Tories throughout the land want him gone

The downside of immigration

Oct 16 2021

Sir David Amess - stabbed to death by a man from Somalia.

Can his death be attributed to the import of other cultures and alien moral standards?


Jul 22 2021

The NHS app makes it easy to carry proof of jabs.

Why not carry it with you? What is the problem?