UK Foreign Aid - A rethink is needed

Jan 20 2020

Foreign Aid: Time for a significant change in our approach methinks. Those that manage the current system are open to criticism, mostly justified. 

  • Idea: Enter the FAC - the Foreign Aid Corp - Made up of specialists or consultants that can provide work skills, procurement, planning, design, construction and management to Foreign Aid projects.
  • Projects can be of any nature that benefits people or foreign governments. A UK team sent to drill a water well, build a road - bridge or teach new skills would be more cost-effective than handing out Foreign Aid grants.
  • All members of the corp to be UK residents and paid in sterling into a UK bank account. This element of FA stays in the UK economy and not, as many members of the public believe, in Swiss bank accounts. 
  • All procurement of goods, materials and services should be by default, from UK companies 
  • Royal Air Force (or other military services) to be used to fly or transport corp members to and from their destinations. Any additional aircraft being available in times of national or international emergencies. 

I'm sure with a little more thinking this idea would be more acceptable to the British public and also raising Britains worldwide profile.

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