Jesters Bojo & D-Cum have us laughing at their foolishness.

May 26 2020

I have really had little to add to my previous comments in March on the COVID-19 situation.
However, back then I said, "There is a certain foolish element in UK society who don't seem to care or understand they could be the carrier that kills someone else's love one."

Little did I know at that time that the foolish were actually in charge of policy. 

Boris may be a great orator but he is hardly an intelligent man. He could even have been a great leader by surrounding himself with experts, hard workers and people with vision.

Unfortunately, he has surrounded himself with quite a few foolish people.

We don't need fools or toadies in government or foolish advisers.

Dominic Cummins should go and Boris demoted to the backbenches.

We need government by those with the ability to reason and I don't mean those foolishly supporting the dynamical duo.

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