Boris: Prime Minister or Buffoon?

May 20 2019

Polls suggest Boris is popular amongst Tory party members but is he what the country needs at this moment.

We need good managers in both politics and commerce to help Britain recover from years of decline. There has been little sign in public life that those with a public school education are better managers, have more significant reasoning, or they have the problem-solving skills to manage a country. Sure, they are generally more articulate, but we must not make the mistake that because someone is well-spoken, they are smart or bright. If we think about Boris, do we overlook his shortcomings because he can string a few words together, often in an entertaining way? 

A good manager or a Prime Minister needs to see the broad picture, be able to examine the fine details and make a reasoned decision without influence from a god, lobbyists, loud minority voices, donors or sponsors. Do we see these talents in Boris?

Time for a change in British Politics?

May 20 2019

During the Brexit process, we have seen how fractious our politicians have become. The public trust in party manifestos has plummeted, and party politicians have openly voted against their own party's policies.

Brexit has been the catalyst for open change to two-party politics and indeed the 'first past the post' voting system.

There has been a movement in local government towards independent councillors who often hold more populist views and stand up to what many see as corruption and poor management by the established parties. 

Populist politics is not the dragon that many politicians make it out to be. Could these be the same politicians that voted 'Remain' and yet say they accept the result of the referendum - a populist vote? 

A form of proportional representation is needed now more than ever to reflect the broad spectrum of public views, morals and social needs. Most likely, many of the same candidates would stand for election but not necessarily for the same parties. Party policies and the whip would not, therefore, restrain them from their reasoning. 

The government also needs to be split into the delivery and effective management of public services and additionally, prosperity creation policies (job creation, investment in innovation, business environment, transport & infrastructure projects, training, research, education etc.).