Election: Who do I vote for?

Dec 02 2019

I'm guessing, but I believe that the political parties think they have superior brains to other sectors of society. Or are they targeting their untrustworthy rhetoric at the small minority of floating voters that will believe everything they hear in the hope this will be enough to gain power? The latest round of election TV debates has done nothing to convince me that the policymakers have any brains at all.

Are we to believe that providing (borrowing) more money for public services will improve our quality of life. Will, none of our politicians, realise we have lost the ability to be efficient.  Simple examples of inefficiency pop up every day - for example, the two letters sent to this house confirming the winter fuel allowance. Give a ministry a budget, and they will find some way to spend it inefficiently.

Europe has done nothing for the British economy over 40 years - slowly sucking the wealth out of our country.  Nearly every family in our home countries is guilty of transferring our wealth to Europe. Much of our transport services and utilities are European owned.  Over 90% of the cars and vehicles on our roads are European, and we take millions of visits to Europe on holidays costing over £40 Billion. 

It's time our politicians started to improve the environment for wealth creation that will, in turn, allow us to continue with our luxurious lives.

Election - Leaders Debate

Nov 20 2019

We should expect more of our politicians than this.

Their job is to "manage" our country efficiently and improve our quality of life.

We are all fed up of sound bites and "gotchas"  - where are the detailed plans for our economy & public services. 

Fact-checking: Much of the information we need to assess our economy and public services is available to the public online. Do these politicians not realise this?

Ducking questions and this constant attempt at "gotcha" does nothing to enlighten the public, particularly where Brexit is concerned. 

It seems to me, the condition called "mythomania" is spreading (or more likely increasingly diagnosed) amongst our political masters and our "Royals".

Shape up guys or the court of public opinion will destroy you.

Boris: When is private, public?

Jun 24 2019

I'm back from holidays and see Boris is at the centre of the news again. 

We seem to have our own mini Trump situation - a hairdressers nightmare, philanderer, buffoon and numpty (IMHO) is hoping to become Prime Minister.

After taking the headlines by avoiding debates, the lad has now had a row with his latest squeeze, putting himself back in the darkest spotlight. 

Is any potential leaders 'personal life' of importance to us? In the case of Boris, the answer is a resounding 'yes'. He has raised so many questions as to whether his idiosyncratic character is suitable for high office, that we need to know more about this so unconventional politician.

Rory Stewart

May 30 2019

The Secretary of State for International Development gave another credible performance on BBC's Question Time this week.

He, is extremely articulate, has a good head for details and a power of reasoning lacking in most politicians. My only real doubt about him was his support for Saint Theresa when clearly she was not up to the job. 

Boris has, at last, a formidable adversary in Mr Steward. However, it is not the public he has to convince but it won't do him any harm. Even his admission he puffed on a heroin pipe at a wedding in Iraq has not come in for too much criticism because his honest and simple apology.

Will he win the leadership contest? 

Saint Theresa

May 23 2019

Through life you meet people that you don't like in your job, social circle and even family. You normally avoid those people to make life easier. 

When you watch TV and don't like the programme, you switch it off.

When you read the papers, listen to the news or watch Newsnight and see something of no interest, your attention drifts to other things.

Can someone wake me up when SHE has resigned.