Feeding Kids

Oct 28 2020

Who's responsible for making sure kids don't go hungry? - why their parents of course.

Social services are like motorways - build 'em and they'll be used and impossible to revert.

A single mum with 2 kids was interviewed on TV - she said "my kids never go hungry and it makes me mad to see people using smartphones, driving their cars and watching Netflix and then say they can't afford to feed their kids"

She's right of course, although there are bound to be people that have slipped through the net and are genuinely hard up.

Of course, none of us wants to see kids starving, but we must ask why and address the real problem - parents that put other priorities before feeding their family.

During the pandemic, the very and relatively poor are no worse off because they will be the beneficiaries of Universal Credit anyway. However, if there are genuine cases out there Local Authorities must find them and provide support - making sure there is not a shiny new iPhone being used to make the appointment.

COVID-19 The Wearing of Face-masks

Jul 15 2020

As usual, the politicians miss the point - the wearing of face-mask may minimal benefits for the un-infected.

However, perhaps the biggest effect is that it sends out a very powerful message.


A message that has not reached the brains of some.

Jesters Bojo & D-Cum have us laughing at their foolishness.

May 26 2020

I have really had little to add to my previous comments in March on the COVID-19 situation.
However, back then I said, "There is a certain foolish element in UK society who don't seem to care or understand they could be the carrier that kills someone else's love one."

Little did I know at that time that the foolish were actually in charge of policy. 

Boris may be a great orator but he is hardly an intelligent man. He could even have been a great leader by surrounding himself with experts, hard workers and people with vision.

Unfortunately, he has surrounded himself with quite a few foolish people.

We don't need fools or toadies in government or foolish advisers.

Dominic Cummins should go and Boris demoted to the backbenches.

We need government by those with the ability to reason and I don't mean those foolishly supporting the dynamical duo.

UK Foreign Aid - A rethink is needed

Jan 20 2020

Foreign Aid: Time for a significant change in our approach methinks. Those that manage the current system are open to criticism, mostly justified. 

  • Idea: Enter the FAC - the Foreign Aid Corp - Made up of specialists or consultants that can provide work skills, procurement, planning, design, construction and management to Foreign Aid projects.
  • Projects can be of any nature that benefits people or foreign governments. A UK team sent to drill a water well, build a road - bridge or teach new skills would be more cost-effective than handing out Foreign Aid grants.
  • All members of the corp to be UK residents and paid in sterling into a UK bank account. This element of FA stays in the UK economy and not, as many members of the public believe, in Swiss bank accounts. 
  • All procurement of goods, materials and services should be by default, from UK companies 
  • Royal Air Force (or other military services) to be used to fly or transport corp members to and from their destinations. Any additional aircraft being available in times of national or international emergencies. 

I'm sure with a little more thinking this idea would be more acceptable to the British public and also raising Britains worldwide profile.

When will the people get a voice?

Dec 09 2019

It hasn't been a good run-up to the election. 

The political parties have no concern for the low quality of their bullshit. 

There has been little analysis of Boris's deal, and what changes to the business environment there will be after three years of uncertainty.

Labour is asking their supporters to forget their schooling and learn a new system of maths where two sides of an equation are the opposite of each other. 

The media are forcing a focus on the two-party system and repeating their questionable rhetoric as if it were dependable. Is this a conscience bias, incompetence or just plain laziness.

I guess we will have to suffer five more years of political slush.

Election: Who do I vote for?

Dec 02 2019

I'm guessing, but I believe that the political parties think they have superior brains to other sectors of society. Or are they targeting their untrustworthy rhetoric at the small minority of floating voters that will believe everything they hear in the hope this will be enough to gain power? The latest round of election TV debates has done nothing to convince me that the policymakers have any brains at all.

Are we to believe that providing (borrowing) more money for public services will improve our quality of life. Will, none of our politicians, realise we have lost the ability to be efficient.  Simple examples of inefficiency pop up every day - for example, the two letters sent to this house confirming the winter fuel allowance. Give a ministry a budget, and they will find some way to spend it inefficiently.

Europe has done nothing for the British economy over 40 years - slowly sucking the wealth out of our country.  Nearly every family in our home countries is guilty of transferring our wealth to Europe. Much of our transport services and utilities are European owned.  Over 90% of the cars and vehicles on our roads are European, and we take millions of visits to Europe on holidays costing over £40 Billion. 

It's time our politicians started to improve the environment for wealth creation that will, in turn, allow us to continue with our luxurious lives.