Boris - Six Months On

Jun 02 2022

Six months ago I called for Boris to resign. 

Nothing has changed and now I'm calling for him to be removed.

Since that time he has achieved absolutely nothing - his claim to fame is the vaccine rollout and the support for Ukraine.

  • He can hardly take credit for the vaccine,  Science has moved on and the sequencing of a virus's DNA allows for much quicker development of vaccines. 
  • As one of Europe's largest exporters of defence equipment, giving support for the war in Ukraine is hardly a difficult decision.

Apart from his constant lying or manipulation of statistics, It's what he has not done that is important for me.

  • Immigration - levels are higher now than when we were in the EU
  • Brexit - Theresa May started on the wrong foot - Boris should have started from scratch and in a position of strength. We've seen the results of the Brexit agreement - I need to say more
  • Levelling up - the cost of COVID is the most likely reason for delaying investment.
  • Human Rights:  Six years on we still have to answer to the European Court
  • That's enough to make the point

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